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~ Who is Dr. Rick?~

Here’s a bit less formal version of the bio of Rick Pimental-Habib, which some readers prefer over the professional version found in the "Credentials" section of this site. So, in an attempt to "humanize" some of this website information, as well as to hopefully impart to you the accurate notion that Dr. Rick is approachable and enjoys hearing from all interested parties – whether from potential clients with questions about psychotherapy or from readers of his books – what follows is a first-person thumbnail bio. Wonderpup - Betty Lou
I was born and reared in New England, which I consider a pretty great place for roots … a rugged coastline, down-to-earth, hard-working people, and of course, all that seafood! Although I still get back there to visit whenever I can, I have lived and worked in Southern California for over 20 years, then moved to Boca Raton, Florida and the Florida Keys for five years. I now reside outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee -- near family, friends, and with my wonderpup Boston Terrier, Betty Lou.

Having been a musician all my life, and having first seriously studied music at my high school back east, I decided to major in Fine Arts in college, mainly theatre and music. So at 18 I moved west to attend Orange Coast College and the University of California at Irvine, then moved to L.A. after graduation. For several years I enjoyed acting, directing and playwriting with several small theatre companies throughout Hollywood and greater Los Angeles. There were also a couple of television commercials and pilots in there, too, so I was having a good time and made several life-long friends in the Arts.

Dr. Rick Not long after, another passion of mine, psychology, moved to the fore of my interests and I returned to school to earn my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. I opened a private practice in Los Angeles, which I ran for about 15 years. All during this time, I volunteered, consulted, or worked for several non-profit HIV/AIDS and gay/lesbian organizations – working with other professionals, students and volunteers, designing and facilitating trainings, counseling individuals and couples, running groups, creating bereavement and other support programs and, always, trying to do all I could in the fight against AIDS which was impacting my
circle of friends, colleagues and clients on what seemed like a daily basis, especially during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

By 1995 I had returned to school again, this time to earn my Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. A strong interest in writing had developed – or more accurately, had re-emerged from my theatre days -- and I wanted to reach and help more people than I could through my private practice alone. So, I wrote EMPOWERING THE TRIBE ~ A Positive Guide to Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem, which is largely based on my years of experience as a gay man, a psychotherapist, and my work in AIDS. Published by Kensington Publications, EMPOWERING THE TRIBE was released in June, 1999, in time for gay pride month, and has enjoyed world-wide distribution.

Then, a few years later in 2002, I wrote my second book, THE POWER OF A PARTNER ~ Creating and Maintaining Healthy Gay and Lesbian Relationships, which was released by Alyson Publications. This book, to my delight, has been used in workshops and trainings with various GLBT organizations throughout the country. Both books were well received by the GLBT, HIV, and mental health communities.

As for hobbies, I enjoy a multitude of eclectic activities and interests. Topping my list are: travel, architecture, photography, film & theatre, the beach, hiking, taking long drives in the country or along the coast with the top down/music up, trying new ethnic foods, and spending quality time at home with a loved one or small groups of friends and of course, the indefatigably goofy and adorable Miss Betty Lou.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about me. One of the truly amazing things about the Internet is the way it holds the potential to bring together people who would otherwise never meet. Feel free to send e-mail anytime … I’d love to learn a little more about you, too!

The adorable Betty Lou!
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